All Democrats in Douglas County, GA are invited to participate in the activities and events of the Douglas County Democratic Committee if you reside in, and registered to vote in Douglas County.  The best way to start is by attending our monthly general meeting.  We meet on the second Saturday of each month at 10:00am.  Location:  St Julian’s Episcopal Church, Parish Hall, 5400 Stewart Mill Rd, Douglasville, GA 30135.

Some months, we feature prominent members of the Democratic community as guest speakers.  We report on the latest news, issues and activities are given by our Chair, Vice Chairs, Constituency Groups, County Committee members, and guests.

If you’re interested in becoming a voting member of the body, the process is a little more involved.  Voting members of the Douglas County Democratic Committee are called Post Seat Holder.  Being a Post Seat Holder permits you to formally vote on County Committee business.

Our meeting protocol is governed by our ByLaws and follows Robert’s Rule of Order.

Membership contributions are $35 per calendar year for individuals, and $70 for families.

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Ingrid Landis-Davis

First Vice Chair
Christina Peterson

Second Vice Chair
Cindy Fedack

Free Polazzo

Alan Nottingham

Third Vice Chair
Anthony Britt

Robin Zuniga-Ortega

Maurice C. Hurry

POST SEAT HOLDERS        District 1 Seat 1 /G – Ferrow Bridges           District 1 Seat 2 /P – Myesha Good          District 1 Seat 3 /G – Sonia Turner         District 1 Seat 4 /P – Ed Krebs         District 1 Seat 5 /G – David Good         District 1 Seat 6 /P – Tracy Crooks          District 2 Seat 1 /G – Elva Armenta           District 2 Seat 2 /P – Eddie Compton         District 2 Seat 3 /G – Christina Peterson         District 2 Seat 4 /P – Lisa Martin           District 2 Seat 5 /G – Anthony Britt         District 2 Seat 6 /P – Gwyndolyn Parker          At Large 1 /G – Elaine (EJ) Westley                            At Large 2 /P – Free Polazzo
District 3 Seat 1 /G – Allan Nottingham      District 3 Seat 2 /P – Vacant      District 3 Seat 3 /G – Sylvia Wayfer      District 3 Seat 4 /P – Cindy Fedack     District 3 Seat 5 /G – Dave Fedack    District 3 Seat 6 /P – Tony Carthan     District 4 Seat 1 /G – Ingrid Landis-Davis        District 4 Seat 2 /P – Vacant    District 4 Seat 3 /G – Dr Robin Zuniga-Ortega                                             District 4 Seat 4 /P – Maurice C Hurry     District 4 Seat 5 /G – Louis Howe     District 4 Seat 6 /P – Farin Robinson

Need to register to vote or change your address?

Complete the form and submit it to:  

County Elections & Voter Registration
8700 Hospital Drive – First Floor, Douglas County Courthouse
Douglasville, Georgia 30134
Phone: 770.920.7213 – Fax: 770.920.7410

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