DCDC Meeting Rules For Candidates During Pre-Qualifying

  1. If running against a Republican Incumbent and no other Democrat has filed a Declaration Of Intent (DOI), candidate can speak at meetings and distribute campaign materials.
  2. If running against a Republican Incumbent and other Democrats have filed a DOI in race, any of the candidates can speak but no debates, rebuttals or disparaging remarks against the other Democrats in the race. Materials can be distributed with permission from the Chair.
  3. If running against a Democratic Incumbent, candidates can NOT speak until after official Qualification Date with exception #5 (if qualified by Party). No materials or signs distributed at meeting.
  4. If Special Election (No Primary), Democratic candidates can speak and distribute materials any time after filing DOI.
  5. Democratic Incumbents and Candidates who have previously qualified after 2012, and whose qualifications have not been challenged, as Democrats to run for office on the Georgia Democratic ticket or been elected at any Democratic Party level, in Georgia, are allowed to speak at any time.


Candidates who qualify can speak but no debates or rebuttals unless that is the program format.  Materials may be distributed.

Please direct all questions on this matter to the Chair at: chair@dcdems.org.

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