If You Want To Know What Democrats Believe, Don’t Ask the GOP, Ask The Democrats

Words matter and actions have consequences. 

When one political party employs mistruths and lies to defame another, their motives and credibility become subject to question.


The Douglas County GOP, on their landing page, make the assertion that Democrats “are embracing marxism (sp).”

The assertion is not only untrue and insulting, but follows a history of lies from the GOP. 

They say they stand for family values, but consistently block legislation to help families afford childcare, improve wages and expand health care. 

They say they support law enforcement, but attack police officers defending the United States Capitol, prevent reforms to help law enforcement officers better serve their communities and making it easier for criminals to acquire and carry firearms. 

They proclaim that they’re “protecting all human life,” but withholding the expansion of programs that would enable thousands of Georgians to access lifesaving medical treatments.

They claim to abide Christian values, then lie about the validity and outcomes of national elections. 

As for the Democratic Party, our values and efforts align with building stronger, healthier communities. 

Improving education, raising the standard of living for working families and ensuring access to health care are not “Marxist,” but Democratic.

What Are Democratic Values?

A fair day’s wage for a fair day’s work is a Democratic value.

Access to medical care regardless of income is a Democratic value.

Ensuring no American must retire into destitution after a lifetime of work is a Democratic value.

Cultivating a literate, well-educated workforce and realizing that a good education is a cornerstone of a better life is a Democratic value. 

Creating an environment where families feel safe — and supported — is a Democratic value.

These values are so foreign to the Douglas County GOP that they don’t even know what to call them, so they slap buzzwords on them like “Marxist.” 

Democrats aren’t Marxist; we’re American. And evermore, the Douglas County GOP steps farther away from these basic American values, preferring fear and insults to policy and platform. 

The Douglas County Democratic Committee doesn’t have time for schoolyard name calling; our county is growing, changing, and we’re planning for the future and providing the leadership and governance our county needs. 

When a party can no longer tell the difference between an American value and a Marxist platform, there’s reason to be concerned and make those differences clear. 

(If the Douglas County GOP wants to know what Marxism means, we’re glad to help.)

By: Tony Montcalm

3 thoughts on “If You Want To Know What Democrats Believe, Don’t Ask the GOP, Ask The Democrats”

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