We wish to thank Representative Kimberly Alexander and Director, Board of Elections Milton Kidd for their invaluable contributions to this fact sheet.

For additional information please contact Director Milton Kidd, MPA

8700 Hospital Drive
1st floor Douglas County Court House
Douglasville, Georgia, 30134

Phone: 770.920.7213 or
Toll Free: 888.669.9072
Georgia Voter Protection Hotline888-730-5816

The deadline to register to vote in the election is . Georgia offers online voter registration. You can also register by mail in Georgia by printing a voter registration form, filling it out, and mailing it to your local election office). You can also register to vote in person at the County Board of Registrar’s Office, 8700 Hospital Drive. Prior to you should check to make sure you are on the voting rolls by going to the Georgia My Voter Page.

Georgia Law allows for absentee by mail ballots to be requested up to 180 days prior to an election but no later than . Don’t Wait! Request your ballot early!

Georgia offers online requests for Absentee Ballots. You will need your driver’s license or State ID number.Request forms were mailed to all registered voters in Douglas County in early September. You can also go to the Georgia Online Voter Registration website to print a form. These can
be completed and returned by mail, fax, email (as an attachm ent), or in-person to the local County Board of Registrar’s Office.

8700 Hospital Drive
Douglasville, GA 30134-2264

Telephone: (770) 920-7217
Fax: (770) 920-7583
Email: votereg@co.douglas.ga.us

Any registered Georgia voter may request an absentee ballot and vote absentee.

The Secretary of State’s office does not allow county election offices to send ballots to Georgia voters until . Ballots will be mailed out directly from the County Election Office in Douglas County. The first ballots will be mailed around .

Follow directions and make sure you complete each section of the oval shaped areas on the ballot correctly.

  1. Fill in the ovals next to the candidates name you select completely. Do NOT make an X or other mark.
  2. Sign and date the absentee ballot under Box 7. Sign your name exactly the way it appears on your Georgia driver’s license or state ID.
  3. Place the ballot in the internal envelope marked “OFFICIAL ABSENTEE BALLOT: BALLOT MUST BE ENCLOSED.” Do not make any marks on this envelope. 
  4. Insert it into the larger envelope addressed to the county registrar’s office.

If there is a problem with your ballot the county election’s office will contact you using the information you put on your absentee ballot application.


Yes, a physically disabled or illiterate elector may receive assistance in preparing his or her application/ballot. Any person of the elector’s choice EXCEPT the elector’s employer or agent of employer, officer or agent of elector’s union, candidate on the ballot or family member of candidate, unless disabled/illiterate elector is related to candidate.

You must sign the application yourself. Anyone helping you also must sign. There is another area on the application for the individual that is assisting you with the application/ballot.

As of today, all absentee ballots must be received in the office of the county registrar no later than on Election Day, .

The county registrar can start counting ballots on election day. The count is public and witnessed by both parties.

Don’t Wait! Vote Early!

Beginning in October there will be 6 drop box locations:

  1. Front of the courthouse, to the right of the bike rack – 8700 Hospital Drive.
  2. Outside the Registration office on the 1st floor – 8700 Hospital Drive.
  3. Boundary Water Aquatic Center – 5000 Highway 92.
  4. Dog River Library – 6100 Highway 5.
  5. Deer Lick Park – 2105 Mack Rd.
  6. Old Courthouse – 6754 Church Street.

Yes, they are in secured locations. Security cameras record all activity. The boxes are cemented to the ground and are locked. Ballots are collected by the County every day.

Once you have submitted your ballot, wait a day or two and check the status of your ballot on the Secretary of State’s My Voter Page.

If your ballot was rejected contact your county registrar to get more information and find out what your options are, it may be something simple to correct. By sending it in early you will have time if any questions arise.

Every effort is being made to reduce wait times and make voting easy. Additional polling places have been added; the County Registrar’s office continues to recruit more poll workers; and students from area high schools and colleges are will be assisting at polling places.

Voting for the November General Election starts on .

All locations and dates below , weekdays


Election Day, – LAST DAY TO VOTE

  • Vote at the designated polling location for your precinct.

Find your voting location on the Georgia My Voter Page.

There are several ways to get to know candidates and make informed choices.

  • Research their website to learn what is on their platform
  • Attend an in-person or Zoom event to find out where they stand on issues important to you.
  • Volunteer for their campaign to get a better understanding of who they are and how they operate.
  • Ask questions, your vote is just that important!

There is a link to information about the three ballot issues on the DCDems webpage. You can also go to Ballotpedia.org.

You can download a pdf file summarizing the 2020 General Election Ballot Referendum Language for the November election.